Custom XRM

Dynamics 365 is more than just CRM. We can take it to the limit, which is wherever your imagination can go. We also offer integration with other systems, data services (de-duplication, batch migrations, real-time synchronization), rapid development (tools and accelerators) and more.


If you are aiming for a system that is designed using solid principles and is implemented using best practices then, you should look no further, Donostek is your best bet. Backed by decades of experience both in the commercial and federal space, we deliver cost efficient solutions.

XRM Watchdog

For those who already have a project in place but not particularly happy with the outcome, we use our expertise to determine the best route to take so that success is achieved. Can your system be fixed? Is your solution in a supported state? Can it scale? Well, just contact us and we'll let you know.



Donostek is constantly looking for opportunities to make XRM development more efficient and fun. In that light, we are in the process of developing some commercial tools that will save you a lot of time. Stay tuned.

Accelerators & Tools

We have created an arsenal of accelerators and tools that considerably reduce development time and provide consistency and reusability to our solutions. Workflow scheduler? Business Day Calculator? Team Calendar? Custom Process Manager? Consultant time/expense tracking? Data Dictionary Generator?
We have them all.


Our first freebie is a team calendar tool. It displays data for any entity sorted by any data field using any OData supported filter. If you want to try it, just request a copy here

For Sale

Tired of so many clicks when using lookup fields? Read our blog on our latest tool -Donostek's Lookup As a Dropdown- that addresses that at this link. If you want to try it for free or purchase it, inquire here.


Antonio Lozada

Founder, CEO

Over twentyfive years of experience architecting, designing and developing software solutions and leading development teams, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, database design, middle-tier components, web-based applications and object-oriented technologies. Antonio holds a MSIS by George Mason University, a MBA by Deusto University and a BS in Economics by University of Lima.


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So you think XRM coders are evil? Perhaps you are barking at the wrong tree.

After almost a decade architecting and implementing XRM solutions, it seems a constant theme for me to hear from both clients and project managers, that they want a system where no coding (or very little of it) is desired.